Rachel Kalmar is a data scientist, community organizer, and world record holder for number of wearable sensors worn continuously. Wrangling noisy data, she investigates how to make wearable and sensor data useful and interactive. A Stanford neuroscience PhD, Rachel has spent over a decade using data to explain, predict and influence behavior.

At the intersection of healthcare, hardware, and data, Rachel focuses on the application of data and the broader ecosystems within which it exists. What are barriers to data access, sharing and interoperability, and how can we enable more open data ecosystems to better serve the public interest?

As a member of the Bay Area hardware community, Rachel founded Sensored, a 1500+ person meetup group for people working on sensor devices and applications. Combining her love of hardware, data, the brain, and novel visualizations, Rachel also helped build Dr. Brainlove, an interactive brain-shaped data platform and jungle gym the size of a bus.

Rachel is an alumna of Stanford's Neurosciences Program, the Hasso Plattner Institute for Design (aka the d.school), UCSD Physics, The Salk Institute, Singularity University, Rock Health, and Misfit Wearables. She is currently a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.